The Baba Story

Notre histoire

Baba is first and foremost a father who transmitted his passion for gathering with others around great food. He taught me that eating is more than a need for survival, but an emotional and spiritual experience to be shared with family, and those you love.

I love Hummus. And I love making it for others to enjoy. Hummus is one of the first things I remember eating as a child and after moving to Montreal, I missed it, dearly. Not because Hummus was not available, but rather that it was not at par with what I was used to: it was packed with unfamiliar ingredients and was sold as a dip with a 2 month shelf-life… really?!

So I started making it myself, trying out different formulas and processes until I felt that it was perfected. This meant keeping it natural and using quality ingredients without compromise. Why?

Because I believe we all deserve a better Hummus experience.


Hummusier & Founder