The best Hummus in Canada.

Baba Hummus is a small batch, handcrafted premium Hummus.

It's made with love in Montreal by a passionate Hummusier.

Hummusier; One who masters the craft of hummus making.

hum·mus·ier -- /ˈho͝oməsˈyā/

A hummusier is a trained and knowledgeable hummus professional

who specializes in all aspects of hummus preparation and transformation as well as hummus pairing.

Our Hummus

Baba Hummus is small batch, handcrafted, Hummus. Through rigorous processes and using exceptional ingredients, it is incredibly smooth & uncommonly creamy. 

It's not a dip! It’s a magical fusion of chickpeas, sesame butter and lots of love. It's 100% natural and it’s good for you!

The Baba Collection